Mike Molnar

It is my mission to share my view of the natural world around us through my photography. I bring a unique perspective to the photos and share them with you virtually un-retouched.

Whatever your take on the environment around you, my hope is that you realize that you have an impact on it and it has an impact on you.


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About My Work:

My work is pure and clean. I do not believe in manipulating my images by using computer software. What you see is what I saw as I composed the photo. In this day and age of altered reality, I bring a fresh perspective to the world around us. I offer several different photographic products: matted prints, framed prints, photo greeting cards, and canvas prints. Everything except the photo cards are limited edition prints, with none exceeding 100 in number.

Pricing Information:

Prices vary by product.

Photo Cards – $3.50 each

Small Matted Prints (5X7 photo) – $15-$20

Medium Matted Prints (8X10 photo) – $30-$40

Large Matted Prints (11X14 photo) – $50-$65

Small Framed (5X7 photo) – $50-$75

Medium Framed (8X10 photo) – $75-$125

Large Framed (11X14 photo) – $100-$150

Larger Framed (13X19 photo) – $140-$225

Canvas Print (16X20) – $100-$160

Canvas Print (20X24) – $140-$200


Shelby County Arts Fest 2010 First and Second Place – Photography

2010 Indiana State Fair Honorable Mention Natural Color Animals and Insects class

2014 Indiana State Fair – Professional Class – Honorable Mention – Open


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