Monica Furlow

Monica Furlow was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has a passion for paint that goes back to early childhood. As a young child Monica was often found painting on or with anything. When no paint was available, Monica would seek pigment in her surroundings, finding bloodroot and dandelions reasonable substitutions. This passion has followed her into adulthood and Monica has been known to be consumed for weeks to years on one painting. In addition to her art, Monica spends a large

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About My Work:

Each piece is created with a desire to use color and shadow to instill in the viewer a sense that the piece has a soul.

Pricing Information:

Prices vary depending on size and subject matter from $100.00 to $1,500.00.


Mostly self taught artist who has taken a few classes at Herron School of Art. Received a bachelor’s degree in science at Indiana University in 2002.


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