Monica Taylor

Monica Taylor


Monica Taylor has had a camera in her hand for over 45 years.  People, nature, animals – Monica is constantly viewing and capturing the world through her camera lens.  She has her own global and unique perspective and has taken photographs all over the world, from Ireland to Germany, to Portugal, and beyond.  Monica loves to share her photography with others.

Monica is a life-long learner and attends as many photography classes as her hectic shedule will allow.


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About My Work:

My work represents my view of the world and the people and animals I come in contact with.  I have been blessed to travel to many European countries.  I have fallen in love with the people, the architecture, the countryside, and nature which I have enountered there.  My photos represent those points of contact and convey (I hope) my perspectives into that world.  It is a responsibiltiy and an honor for me to share my impressions and photographs with others, to transport them, and if possible encourage a smile.

Pricing Information:

Framed Pictures:  $75 (small) to $125 (large)

Matted Pictures:  $55 (large); $25 (small)



Indiana Wesleyan University, MS Business Management, 2007

Indiana Wesleyan University, BS Business Management

IUPUI photography courses


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