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Myra is an Indiana based sculptor/artist/educator.  She received her BFA in Furniture Design from the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis.  She has been teaching joyfully in Indianapolis for several years. She teaches from her studio and at Marc Adams School of Woodworking.    Her work enlivens both private and public collections.

Wood and metal are her primary media.  “I love the infinite possibilities of working with wood and metal: bending, sawing, shaping, forging, and

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About My Work:

Artist Statement

I grew up in Southern Indiana, spending time at my great grandparents’ farm in Pike County.  I recall vividly the sign of ripe wheat blowing in the wind, foreground to a hardwood forest.  I was then, of course, mindless of the power of that image.  I was  aware of two grandfathers who worked with wood and the pleasure they gained in the process.

Many years later those influences have come to fruition in my sculpture, either wood and metal  or my jewelry.  I have combined my love for nature, my deep appreciation of family ties, and the joy of creation.     Myra Risley Perrin


BFA, Furniture Design, Herron School of Art and Design. 2003

BFA, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Indiana University, 1975


67th Street Printmakers, Indianapolis, IN

The Furniture Society




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