Nancy Cotterill

Nancy Cotterill


I was born in Illinois, north of Chicago and came to Indianapolis to attend Butler Univeristy where I met and married my husband of 42 years, Jim Cotterill. We have two wonderful sons, two adorable grandchildren and a new daughter-in-law on the way.

Jim and I helped to start the Indianapolis Monthly magazine with publisher John Mayhill and his wife, and then the Indianapolis Business Journal for John Burkhard and Mark Vittert. I was editor for the first years of the publication at which time we

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About My Work:

My initial efforts into abstract expressionism utilized a canvas of fiberboard, gessoed and sealed, these were used in commercial settings and are practically indestructible. At the same time they provide a solid hard surface that brings its own texture to the work. I am now almost exclusively working on canvas. Some are in the 4′ x 5′ range, but I have recently been very successful bringing my style down to even an 8″ x 10″ canvas.

I do some “unconstructed landscapes” (See “Exhale” at and some impressionist style work as well, mostly in acrylics now because of the ability to layer clear color with more impact.

Some of my work also includes paper, chalk, pencil and oil and the written word brings special meaning occassionally.

I have recently completed a commission on a expressionist painting that included the words engraved on the inside of the couple’s wedding rings and to their great satisfaction they have those words in a painting they love located in a prominent location in their home.

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Art training has included training in oils, acrylics and general landscape principles.


During most of 2011, my work was  available through the Kellar Mahaney Gallery in Zionsville. Also was featured artist at the Gallery during the art festival weekend.


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