Nancy Louise Kruse

My paintings are a result from a desire to develop a personal style emphasizing color.  I have never forgotten my reaction when I first saw a painting by Matisse and how beautiful his colors were. I was especially impressed with his use of strong colors during his association with an artists’ group in Paris known as Les Fauves (the wild beasts).  But unlike the Fauves who used painterly brushstrokes and expressive style, I wanted to go in a different directiion.  Whatever I did, I knew that I

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$200 to $5000


University of Indianapolis, MA, studio art, 2013.

John Herron School of Art, 1986-1988.

Purdue University, 1973-1974.


Hoosier Salon


Howard E. Wooden, Sr. Memorial Grand Prize, Swope Art Gallery, Terre Haute, IN, 2013.

Best Contemporary Painting, Hoosier Salon, 2012.

Honorable Mention, Indiana State Fair, Professional Division, 2012.

Second Place, Shelby County Arts Festival, 2008.

First Place, front cover of Living Artists, 13th ed., Nevada City, CA, 2003.


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