Nathaniel Kyng Rhodes

Kyng Rhodes is a full-time visual artist, having been in love with creating art his entire life he attended college to obtain a degree in graphic design in favor of a creative career, but his true love is embedded in illustration, street art, and fine art alike. During the pandemic of 2020, Rhodes made the decision to leave the workforce, and become a full-time creative. This decision came about through the encouragement of friends, and loved ones, and Rhodes’ own experience participating in

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About My Work:

My work is expressionistic, with several goals intended. I draw inspiration from my thoughts, and feelings towards the events that I’ve experienced or sighted through the media, my observations of society, and my personal life infused with my spirituality. My work has a strong focus on color, and shadow with varying incorporations of symbolism.

When painting I use bold colors, with dramatic outlines of black to give my work beauty, and a notion of provocation.

Pricing Information:

Please contact me using email or social media for pricing.


Associate of Science in Graphic Design


18 Art Collective



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