Nicole D. Powell

I am a native of Indiana happly married with 4 children.  I have always been passionate about the arts and appreciate art of all kinds.


More Info

About My Work:

I have lived and worked in Indiana all of my life. I have a fine art degree from Indiana State University and a Masters degree from Indiana University. Over the years I have exhibited in several local shows displaying works in multiple mediums.  Within the past 11 months, I have started to study one specific medium.  My new medium of choice is oil with a focus on still life. The two subjects are a breath of fresh air to my life. At this time I am learning a new medium and style, while I explore my love of art and voice.

Upcoming Events:

I currently have a piece called “Onions” on display at the Indiana State Museum in the Hoosier Salon.  If you would like to see the show it will be on display until October.


B.A. of Fine Arts, Indiana State University

Masters of Arts & Science in New Media, Indiana University



Hoosier Salon Artist


3rd Place Award – Still Life: 95th Hoosier Salon – 2019



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