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About My Work:

As a professional interior designer for the past 27 years, I’ve always loved watercolor, still life, abstracts, portraits, and landscapes in acrylics. I am also a skilled calligrapher and enjoy creating work that includes both watercolor and calligraphy.

Pricing Information:

My original paintings are sized from 8×10’s to 30×40  priced from

$75.00- $1250.00


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  1. Hi Patty,

    I was just admiring your artwork on your brochure. I also thought the portrait of Sparkles the dog was great! I’m thinking I may want you to do a painting of Ellie or maybe Justin, Lizzy and Ellie all three. Would you be able to paint it from photos on my iPhone? I haven’t thought much further than the idea. Let’s get in touch this weekend if we can.



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