Patty Gambs Mac Innis

Have been painting all of my life.  Guess it’s a constant.  One can never stop learning.

The joy of creativity is what we hope to share with the community at our Hamilton County Art Center.


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About My Work:

Medium of preference at this time is oil, but watercolor is getting easier to travel with.

I really enjoy the challenge of portraiture.  Capturing someone’s personality is a real challenge and very satisfying when it happens.

Landscapes seem to be very popular as they can bring inside an outdoor scene that you really love to be inside to “live” with you.

Pricing Information:

Smaller (8 x 10) landscapes up to 24″ x 32″ run from $200 to $900.

Portraits run more, as the time for sittings, reference photos, and conferences with the client take more time.


Minor in Fine Art from the University Of Dayton, Ohio;

Watercolor instruction from Floyd Hopper.

Oil workshops with Scott Burdick at the Scottsdate Art School and Gregg Krutz at the Pallette and Chisel Academy in Chicago.

  1. Hamilton County Artists’ Association; Hoosier Salon; Indiana Heritage Arts

Award of Excellence, Art for the Parks


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  1. Dear Barbara,
    Just saw your post about photography on Sanibel. There is another artist by the same name (that’s why I often put my maiden name in there to clarify). I’m just sure you’re referring to her work. The Mac Innis name comes from my husband’s side of the family & yes, they emigrated from Scotland to Halifax Nova Scotia in the late 1800’s & from there to Brooklyn NY.


  2. Saw your beautiful photography of Sanibel Ding Darling widelife. I lived in Sanibel for 30 years. Have a home in Largo, Florida.
    I’m wondering if you are related to any MacInnis’ from Massachusetts and Nova Scotia. I too have been painting in oils and watercolors for years since my 1960’s art years in Boston. Portraiture is my favorite….and Rembrandt is my choice of old masters.


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