Paul Smedberg

Paul Smedberg


Photo Remixes – I fragment and sample photos of a setting, remixing them into a new subjective point of view.

My photo remixes combine and interweave original photographs. I shoot different angles, different parts and different treatments of a location or setting and assemble them into a new whole.

The subject matter is as varied as a forest stream, a processed-food factory, a dancer, or a subway station. Like audio remix artists, I break things down and re-combine them into something new,

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About My Work:

I have always been fascinated by multi-dimensional, non-Euclidean geometry in mathematics and physics. One way of looking at the art that I make is that I’m rendering a multi-dimensional viewpoint into two dimensions. This viewpoint is one in which different aspects of a setting are visible at once, from a perspective that could only be obtained by crumpling, slicing and folding our three-dimensional world in 4- 5- or 6-dimensional space. By bringing together multiple images and shapes, I’m creating/revealing extra information about a single setting that results from connections across widely differing directions and scales.

These multiple perspectives are frequently beyond sorting out. In many instances, the viewer’s initial question is “What am I looking at?”

When humans look at an image – a picture – they do not see a dot-for-dot representation in their brain. We initially “see” shapes and colors about which we quickly recognize familiar patterns that resolve into summary identifications: sky, car, face, tree, wall.

When you look at my art, you begin along the familiar path by seeing shapes and colors, and make some summary identifications. You know whether the setting is inside or outside and generally which parts of an image are animal, vegetable, mineral or synthetic. And then as you look further, you leave the familiar perceptual path. You are with and in something new and beyond where given reality ends.


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There may be some pricing information on my blog at and you can inquire further by emailing me at


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