Paul Willock

Paul Willock


I enjoy painting and exploring the mind of art.  I don’t wish to be like anyone in particular in my art style.  I do, however, wish to be all that i can be in what i put my mind to.  In some ways i’m afraid to study art for these very reasons.  I don’t want to try to do what someone else does, and have someone say “you’re trying to copy this person”.  I’d much rather just be myself and let it flow.

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About My Work:

My work started out as JUST city scapes, but i got board and just started to paint nothing which turned into something.  I like to take that nothingness and when it’s finished I like to add a real place or thing on top of it.  It’s actually quite amazing even to me!  I sometimes do things that amaze me, and say “who did that”?!  I’m not being proud, but rather amazed at what can be accomplished when you just let go and do it!  There is one in particular that I feel this way about.  It’s a picture of a “Crowfoot Indian Chief”.  I painted what i wanted to paint, and then after examining the painting, thought it would be cool if i could find an old American Indian Chief picture.  I had a look in mind, and just lucked out finding this really COOL looking fellow!  He’s more than just cool, but I was looking for something in particular and found it!  This is not all that i do.  I don’t want to be bound to this or that.  If I change, i change.  I also like to do pictures of choice for people from a photo.  On some instances I’ll like to mix a couple of different scenes together as one.  Old with new, if you will.

Pricing Information:

Pricing will be based upon size and and also complexity of every specific order.  In most cases starting price will be around $200.


Graduate of Des Moines Technical High School, Class of 1986.



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