Phil Velikan

Phil Velikan

Phil Velikan: Sculptor/illustrator

Phil is an award winning and internationally selling 2 and 3D artist who has illustrated his own line of coloring books and many children’s books. He sculpts in epoxy clay and has learned to mold and cast his work in resin duplicates.

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About My Work:

I find drawing and painting too limiting in their singular viewpoint. When I visualize something in my head, it’s in-the-round. I want the viewer to experience my idea in it’s entirety, as I see it. I consider it a challenge to surprise viewers with little discoveries as they explore my works. I picture the form and how it relates, grows and functions as a whole, from many angles and elevations. I include details near the focus of the sculpt for people to find, making my works interactive. As the viewer wanders around a piece, the small details and discoveries come together as parts of a whole, revealing the story.


Sun King CANvitational 2015 “Best in Show”

Art vs Art 2012 “In the final four”

Wonderfest 2008 “Bronze award”


  • Chihulhu Light up decoration


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