R. Brian Noffke

R. Brian Noffke


R. Brian Noffke (Owner/Artistic Director)

Brian has always loved teaching the theatrical skills he has learned to aspiring actors and Acting Up Productions offers just that.  Brian has been performing in the Indy area for 20 years and has been a professional actor for the past 13 years.

Brian started out as a “techie” in high school and caught the acting bug from his mother and twin brother, Christopher.  In high school, Brian was involved in the band program, which took much of his time, ... view more »


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About My Work:

Business Type

Acting Up Productions, LLC is a unique mix of classes, performing opportunities and networking which will focus on the adult demographic, but benefit people of all ages.

You can follow us on FB:  https://www.facebook.com/ActingUp2

Mission Statement

The mission of Acting Up Productions is to inspire and expand the craft and techniques of the performing arts, through education provided by experienced, multi-talented instructors who hope to enhance the performer’s quality and understanding of their individual gifts, while instilling a deeper respect for the arts and ultimately building community involvement.


Acting Up Productions, LLC was formed from the passion of a combined total of 35 years of experience in the performing arts.  The company hopes to provide a quality of education not often found in theatre classes.  Acting Up goes beyond the “how” (how you work, how you direct, how you act) to the “why” – (why you work, why you direct, why you act) – by assisting students in discovering and utilizing their vulnerabilities and experiences, thus incorporating their reason into action.

Acting Up Productions, LLC hopes to build community involvement by producing at least 2 fundraising stage productions a year (for the first four years).  This will also give students of Acting Up a hands-on opportunity to utilize their newly discovered skills and techniques.

Finally, Acting Up Productions, LLC is passionate about all forms of art.  To help instill a deeper respect for the arts as a whole, the Acting Studio space will double as an art gallery.  An artist-in-residence will run the gallery and also be given free art studio space in the office area.


Pricing Information:

Acting Classes:

Group Classes – $120.00 for 10 2HR Sessions

Master Classes – $200.00 for 10 2HR Sessions

Specialty Classes – $50.00 for 5 1HR Sessions

Zumba – $5.00 per class.

Gallery Rental Space – $25.00-$50.00 per month

Ticket prices for shows – $12-$15.00 per ticket.


Harrison College – IT

Marian College (Now Marian University) – Theatre/Music

20+ years of hands on experience in Acting, Directing, Stage Management, Lighting Design, Scenic Design, Technical Direction, Playwritting.


Best Director – Man of LaMancha – Encore Award

Best Director – Miss Saigon – Encore Award

Best Set and Lighting Design – Man of LaMancha – Encore Award

Best Minor Supporting Actor – King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar – Encore Award

Best Duo Civie Award – The King in Big River – Indpls Civie Award

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy – Civie Award


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