Rachel Leigh

My dad brought home a PC when I was six, giving me free rein to create with it. While finding my way around MIDI and early Photoshop, I nursed a parallel affection for classical music and the material properties of glass, rock, wood, and paper. Today, I still use digital tools to highlight the magic of the physical world and analog techniques to warm up my digital projects.

As a middle-schooler, I moved from the American suburbs to Western Europe, and the manors, cathedrals, fortresses, and

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About My Work:

I am formally trained in graphic design, and regularly bring my designs to life using After Effects. I belonged to a small marketing agency for seven years, and have been freelancing since 2019. I was a member of the art collective Know No Stranger, and prepared most of the digital audio and visual assets for the full-length shows we produced from 2014–2017. My secondary discipline lies in music composition, audio editing, and sound design. I’ve dabbled in electronic music production (often seeking to turn deep cuts from the Baroque period into something truly danceable.)

Since 2018, I have been studying the more athletic tricks of light. What started with thrift store glass and a pocket flashlight, continued with sidewalk dismantling of rear-projection TVs for their optical innards. All of these experiments developed into a solo gallery show at the Tube Factory in 2019. I further explored the creation of tiny, lovingly lit spaces with an installation at Healer DIY Artspace later that year. 


  • Animations produced in partnership with Space Flower Video for the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana, telling the story of how Indianapolis neighborhoods became so segregated.