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About My Work:

I like to work in a variety of styles. When I am painting, it often is very abstract, surreal, and even at times, illusionistic. When I am drawing, specifically colored pencil, I draw hyper realistic figures.

My photography is often narrative and mysterious. Architecture is often the subject, as well as interior design and figures. I love high contrast and rich use of color. Often times, my goal in my art is to get the viewer questioning how the image or work of art was created. I especially like combining painting and photography by literally painting on top of the photograph. There will be times when I want my viewers to have a hard time figuring out what is a photograph and what is just paint.

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Pricing Information:

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I graduated in May, 2018. I double majored in visual communications and painting.


Ball State University awards:

Outstanding Senior in Painting Spring 2018
83rd Annual Juried Student Art Show Spring, 2018
82nd Annual Juried Student Art Show Spring, 2017
81st Annual Juried Student Art Show Spring, 2016


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