Raegan Dale

Raegan Dale


Hi, I’m Raegan; welcome to my online portfolio. I earned my BA in Studio Arts with a concentration in painting from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2022. I specialize in Abstract and Contemporary styles; however, I also have experience in Representational paintings. Feel free to look around and view my work, also, be sure to check back for information on any upcoming shows or events.

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About My Work:

My work as a painter is best described as a little bit of everything; I do abstract, contemporary, representational, and mixed media. My paintings are created through means of experimentation, expression, and self-discovery. Typically my paintings are within the medium to large scale range. My paintings are done in various mediums: acrylic,  mixed media, and oil paint. My abstract paintings are all based on experimentation; texture, bold brush strokes, palette knife mark making, allowing the paint and or tool to guide me in the process, layering, additive, and subtractive processes, and various colors all make up these works. My representational work is mainly done in oil paint and are painted from still lifes and or photographic references. 


Pricing Information:

I price by the square inch, currently it is $1.50 per square inch.


BA in Studio Arts, Indiana Wesleyan University 2022


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