Rhiannon Maria Sweet

Rhiannon Maria Sweet is an emerging artist in Indianapolis, Indiana where she graduated from Herron School of Art and Design with a BFA in painting and minor in Art History. She is continuing her education at Marian University to obtain a Master of Arts in Teaching.

Rhiannon works with various media to create images that explore the complexities of conflicting realities, emotions and identity. As an emerging artist she has shown at various Indianapolis galleries and venues in solo and group

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About My Work:

Everyday I’m confronted with a paradox. The sublimely beautiful collides with the horrendous. I refuse to deny either. I struggle to reconcile the contradictions; how to express my guttural groan of anguish simultaneously with my purest praise of joy. Words aren’t enough. I must return to my native tongue, imagery. The collages and paintings are messages spoken in the vocabulary of my subconscious or perhaps my very soul. I hope that the viewers may not only consider what I might aim to convey in these works, but also pause to reflect on what emotions well up within their hearts and minds. In this way, this series may serve as something akin to an inkblot test, a trial exposing how they perceive the complex world we live in, their own experience and existence. If they take the time to contemplate their reaction to the paintings they may discover whether they are inclined toward the dark, the uplifting, or find that they are caught somewhere in-between. This complexity is at the core of humanity.

Pricing Information:

$25 – $1,000


Heron School of Art and Design, Marian University





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