Rick D Wilson

Rick D Wilson


For me, painting is a spiritual experience. The world has an unending array of nature’s beauty. God has put all this beauty here for our enjoyment.  The Creator has also gifted certain people with an ability of expressing what they see into an artistic experience.  I’ve been blessed to received this gift of artistic expression and have chosen oil and canvas as my voice.  This is not a gift I take lightly.  It is a responsibility and a great privilege to honor God by bringing His creation

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About My Work:

My works are mostly landscapes done by combining a slightly tighter impressionism with a luminist style (similar to Hudson River) utilizing a very warm, tonal pallet. The results is a warm, inviting and mysterious place you will want to explore for some time.

Pricing Information:

My price point is such that my works are affordable for the novice collector with a quality the most discriminating collectors enjoy.


Self-Taught plus workshops with Ron Mack. Painting sessions with many artists including Todd Reifers and CW Mundy.

Fundimental Truths of Academic Impressionist Painting – CW Mundy

Influences by Robert Wood, Granville Redmond, John Singer Sargent, Monet, Maynard Dixon, George Arthur Hays, Charles-Francois Daubigny, Thomas Cole and William Merrit Chase, CW Mundy, Todd Reifers


Indiana Plein Air Painters Association (IPAPA)

Indiana Heritage Arts (IHA)

Hoosier Salon

American Impressionist Society





Begin 2 year project, Indiana State Parks – Through The Eyes of an Artist”.

Group Exhibition – Castle Gallery of Fine Art – Ft Wayne, IN

Publication: April-May issue of Plein Air Magazine, “Indiana Artist Creates Own Opportunity”


3 Man Show – Hoosier Salo


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