Robert Hofmann

Robert Hofmann


Robert Hofmann

In my artwork I tend not to work on a piece with an actual intention. Much like Michelangelo’s statement, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” A blank canvas is the same thing to me, knowing that a work is there just waiting to be brought forth. The creation process allows for my own primal force to be displayed through VIVID color, RAW emotion, and STRONG cultural influences. Egon Schiele said, “Art is

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About My Work:

Art was something I focused on in high school, but that being over twenty years ago; I have developed my own style through paint, pencil, and computer graphics. My favorite media are charcoal, sculpture, painting, mixed media, and photography. These allowed me the experience to accomplish designs for productions at a local theater company, such as billboard, program, and other media advertisements. I have been fortunate to participate in many local Indianapolis exhibitions from the Phoenix Theater to Wug Laku’s Studio and Garage.

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See Fine Art America page for pricing.


Art Institute

Ivy Tech Community College, Fine Arts


Hancock County Arts Association


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