Robert Thomas Eberle

Robert Thomas Eberle


I use expressive brushstrokes and subtle colors to evoke a poetic quality in my work. My aim is to paint impressionistic landscapes that instill peace, images that the viewer loves at first sight and never tires of. I draw inspiration from nature and strive to reflect the beauty of our environment in my paintings.


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About My Work:

Eberle employs expressive brushstrokes and subtle color to evoke a poetic quality in his impressionistic landscapes.

Pricing Information:

$600 – $6,000


Studied at Herron School of Art two years and have taken numerous workshops from outstanding artists, including C. W. Mundy, Matt Smith, Kevin MacPherson, Kim English, John Poon, and David Leffel.


Indiana Artist Club, Indiana Heritage Artists, Southside Art League, Hoosier Salon, Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, Tuscon Plein Air Painters Association



Recipient of over 80 awards, including Indiana Heritage Arts Memorial Award, 2009; Indiana Artists Club Merit Award, 2009; Richmond Art Museum Exhibition Memorial and Purchase awards, 2008; Hoosier Salon Outstanding Landscape, 2008; Indiana Plein Air Painters “First Brush of Spring” Best of Show, 2007 and 2002; Indiana Artists Club First Place award, 2004; Hoosier Salon Best of Show 2003 a


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