It’s my opinion that, we are all a product of everything we are exposed to in life. I’m just choosing to express who I have become by doing MY art. I’m trying to persuade the viewer to slow down and take a closer look at the art. My hope is that they will see something in a new light, from a different angle, and as a result, getting a closer look at the world … or at least my world.



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About My Work:

Scratchboard begins with a hard board coated with a thin layer of dry white clay. The clay is then spray painted with a thin coating of India Ink. The artist scratches off the black ink, exposing the white clay below, making for a dramatic visual art experience. The artist uses everything from a single point tool to steel wool to create one of a kind effects. Color may also be added.

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The Art Bank Of Indianapolis – Grand Opening October 2007. The Dean Johnson Gallery Christmas Show December 2006 and 2007



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