Roger Blood

Capturing life, as it happens. I love capturing natural moments, not so much the posed ones, i also like to do contemporary work, including still life etc. Most of all i love to capture architecture, especially European styles. I also very much like black and white as I feel it makes things far more dramatic. Motor sports are another love of mine that i like to capture, as well as animals and pets.

But most of all i love to photograph England, my home.



More Info

About My Work:

I prefer to use Raw imaging, and then process them in the digital darkroom, i find this gives me far more scope to get the very best image i can.

I like to capture things that are of a natural beauty, flora, fauna, buildings.

Cityscapes are a favourite of mine, England in particular, and lately the more local area of Indianapolis.

Pricing Information:

I price my prints according to size, and if framed or not. i can do a large range of sizes, ranging from the small, to the quite large. prices range from just a few dollars to a few hundred.


studied at the New York Institute of Photography


certificate of professional photography. award of merit.


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