Ron Kern

Ron Kern


Having studied the art of photography for over twenty five years, I am a self taught photographic artist.

I aspire to discover and reveal the spiritual essence of my environment. For me, photography is a vital element of life; it is esoteric and abstract, yet temporal and existent.

When photographing I feel and sense the spirit of what I am seeing.  The “design” of the subject or scene becomes an integral part of the final composition.  I examine and present nature’s and/or man’s mark,

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About My Work:

For my current work I use Holga and Diana+ (plastic cameras), pinhole, Leica and Polaroid cameras to create my images.  Film is exposed in the camera, the developed negatives are digitally scanned and then printed with an inkjet printer using archival pigment inks.

For my Polaroid work I use a vintage Polaroid 420 camera.  I make exposures onto Fuji instant color film.  After recovering a negative, it is digitally scanned, converted to a monochrome image in Adobe Photoshop and printed with an inkjet printer using archival pigment inks.

I am also gleaning and printing photographs from my archive (prior to beginning work with plastic cameras) of images made with conventional film cameras.

Pricing Information:

Pricing varies depending upon the size of the photograph and ranges from $350 to $900.


B.S. Civil Engineering, Purdue



  • Ron Kern shows and explains the photography equipment he is using to make photographs for Truth From Perceptions.


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