Roy Boswell

Roy Boswell is an American Impressionist artist, who creates, teaches, and helps others bring their visions to life. He aims to decorate the man made environment with beauty, point out the truth, and create a place of reflection.  –

About The Artist:

Born in 1985, Roy Boswell was raised on a family farm in southeastern Indiana. At an early age he took interest in art and architecture and went on to study landscape architecture and design at Purdue University. It wasn’t until after ... view more »

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About My Work:

I’m an American Impressionist. My work is grounded in a deep appreciation of the Indiana family farm and the Midwest. Indiana has a great multitude of legacies; agriculture is the one I’m familiar with. Many hot summer days and cold winter evenings working with my father, grandfather and brother, inform scenes of rural farm life, and the seasons that flow around it. I have the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and paint. Indiana is where everywhere else is compared to because it is home, and it is the place where I belong. The rolling forested hills of southern Indiana, dotted by old farmsteads, is where I grew up. It is equaled in splendor by the plains of central and northern Indiana. Tree lines lay in the distant under thick atmosphere and over deep soil. These are the motifs that I point at and say “Look at the beauty of this place.” Most people see it when you show them.


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