Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor


Ryan is a well known percussionist and musician from Indianapolis, IN. His style of rhythm making is a mix of rock, Afro-Caribbean and African with his own style of hard hitting, up to date, progressive sounds using drums from around the world. He plays on an array of Djembe’s, Ashiko, Conga’s, Bongo’s, Frame drum, Doumbeks and the Gangan (Talking Drum).

Ryan has been a percussionist for over 25 years, beginning as a self taught drummer.

Ryan holds workshops on wellness and drumming, along

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About My Work:

My music is a mixture of a few elements. It is all percussion based compositions, including traditional rhythms from the Afro-Caribbean genre, along with the rhythms that come up from the tribal and primal side of my own intuitive rhythm making.

I create a sound that covers a wide range of moving, trancing yet relaxing, and meditative rhythms.

I perform live for an array of events from private to corporate providing the best in live drumming guaranteed to get your group feeling up and alive! I facilitate drum circles for family events, church functions, grand openings, entertainment, community outreach and more…

Pricing Information:

CD’s are $15.00

Call for event rates, workshops and lessons


Jordan Dance Academy at Butler University

Dance Kaleidoscope

Arts Council of Indianapolis

Fishers Arts Council

American Heart Association

City of Dallas

Matisou Drum Academy





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