Ryan Blake

The work of Ryan Blake shows an influence of nature and natural processes. Blake’s work also displays a simplicity of form. He holds in high regard, those cultures which are centered on a balance as well spiritually display a connection to nature. Blake’s exploration of other mediums led him back into ceramics with an even deeper sense of meaning. His beliefs around art as communication is not limited to clay; even though there is a sense of loyalty shown to it. To Blake, clay has a healing

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About My Work:

For the past few years, my work has been an elaboration from the spiritual impact of the natural world combined with my conceptions of the after life. A series I call “Spirit Catchers” developed out from this. Clay has become an integral part of my work for the same reason many other artists are drawn to its benevolent pure healing energy on so many levels. The most ancient use of clay seems to course through me like an historical documentation of man’s relationship to clay to the emergence of alchemy and its seemingly magical properties. My work at this moment, developed out from three-sided vessels to the installational display of mask imagery. This combined with my desire and ongoing devotion to be an instrument of healing is at the heart of my creations. I see myself working within this concept for a long time; I see myself growing on a personal level as well spiritually from the evolution of this concept. My wishes are that my fellow beings benevolently benefit from my pursuit to heal present afflictions we all encounter as we breathe and move around the physical realm in which we all presently dwell.

Pricing Information:

It is a warmer way of business when pricing is done in person. Though I know it is not always possible. So, then it would be best to talk via internet, thank you.

Ryan Blake


B.A. Major: Studio Art; Indiana University, Bloomington,IN Demember 1995

Minor: Art History

B.F.A. Major: Ceramics; Herron School of Art and Design, Indianapolis,IN May 2011

  • Alumnus Herron School of Art and Design Indianapolis,IN
  • The Sketch Pad Art studio Plainfield, IN
  • Monrovia Mudworks Pottery Studio Mooresville, IN
  • Alumnus Indiana University


  • Awarded the Community Kitchen’s “Mural Project”, located in Bloomington, Indiana – Spring of 1995


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