Sabrina Sigal Falls

Sabrina Sigal  Falls


“I am a professional harpist and certified music practioner (CMP). I play harp for all occasions, including weddings, receptions, retreats, worship services, memorials/funeral services, special programs and concerts, etc. As a CMP, I also am trained to play live therapeutic harp music at the bedside of sick and/or dying persons in hospitals, hospices, other healthy care settings, and homes.” Sabrina Falls


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About My Work:

Falls performs harp music for all occasions including wedding ceremonies, receptions, worship services, and private parties. She also offers therapeutic harp music at the bedsides of the sick in hospitals, hospices, or homes. Her solo CD is entitled “Healing River.”


Member of International Society of Folk Harpers & Craftsmen, certified music practitioner in the Music for Healing & Transition Program


Recepient, Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artists Grant 2002-2003


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