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Samantha Wright

Samantha Wright is an Indianapolis-based artist who specializes in mixed media and painting on canvas. The medium she works with the most is paint and canvas. From Ivy Tech, she obtained her Associate degree in Fine Art’s. Wright graduated from Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI and earned her BFA degree in Integrative Studio Practice with a Minor in Art History. On December 6th, she will be a part of a group exhibit called Perception, where she will show her most current

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About My Work:

My work depicts the emotional response expressed to describe controlled chaos. I use a variety of materials to unleash my imagination and to create abstract pieces to allow the viewer the opportunity to decipher their own story. Some of the emotions depicted in the work are derived from a duality within me to resolve internal emotional conflicts. For instance, my dad was one of my biggest supporters for creating art and pushed me to follow my dreams. Yet, when I was only 19, he passed away. It was extremely traumatic, and I had lost a huge part of myself.
With my current work, I challenge the way in which I use materials to express color and line work. Using my intuition, I’m continuously experimenting with composition, and figuring out different ways to express emotions in my pieces. I allow my mind to slip into itself and think about my experiences and express them with unique shapes and forms. I distort objects to produce my own abstracted elements. Most of the inspiration for my work comes from looking at organic objects in nature, and then reproducing them in my own style. By combining these reproduced organic forms, and my emotions, I create my work of different abstracted worlds.
While I enjoy working with a variety of different mediums, my favorite tool to use is the paintbrush and acrylic paints. These tools allow me to create different worlds on the canvas with a light, airy flow that reveals a blending of various emotions and ideas. Because paint is such a loose material that does not involve much thought into its application, it’s easier for me to zone out and center myself.


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