Samuel Lawson

Samuel Lawson


Samuel Lawson is a classical guitarist and lutenist with a Master of Music degree from Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. He has made his way performing, teaching, and writing music in Indiana, South Carolina, and Pittsburgh, PA, and has toured with his wife and vocalist, Rebekah, through the south-eastern U.S., parts of California and the hostels of Scotland. Studied under Brett Terrell, professor of guitar, and Dr. James Briscoe, professor of music history, at Jordan College of Music, ... view more »

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Master of Music, Classical guitar performance, Butler University

Bachelor of Science in Media Arts & Sciences, Informatics, Indiana University

Minor of Music, Indiana University


  • Sheebag Sheemore: a melody from Ireland\'s misty past by Turlough O\'Carolan.

  • Prelude from Bach Lute ste. no. 1 on Classical Guitar

  • \'Winter Solstice\' - Classical Guitar composed and performed by Samuel J. Lawson

  • \'Choro Tipico,\' a Brazillian Classical guitar piece by Heitor Villa-Lobos, performed by Samuel J. Lawson

  • \'Rocky Road to Dublin\' trad. Irish, Samuel J. Lawson, vocals and guitar


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