Shannon McCarrel Hamaker

I consider my own body a machine; completing tasks I have given myself as “perfectly” as possible. The objects I create are the results of obsessive, repetitive processes. I seek out cheap, abundant, synthetic materials. I am attracted to these materials because when multiplied and separated from their original intended context, they become less recognizable. I am creating surfaces and environments from materials that could very easily exist in the average household, but are extraordinary in

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About My Work:

Process is at the heart of my work. I focus on minutia, obsessively repeating an action until the inertia runs out or my supply of cheap, synthetic materials dwindles. I desire to control anything and everything; but that being impossible, my work is the outlet.

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2007 – “White Christmas: What You Crave,” Harrison Center for the Arts, Indpls; “Copy:Copy,” The Community Museum Laboratory, Indpls; “Hinny vs. Mule,” Meyers Gallery, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati; “Herron Student Exhibition,” Herron Gallery, Indpls, Juror: Christopher West.



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