Shawn Deitch

Shawn Deitch


Lifetime Indiana resident Shawn Deitch spent her early years painting, drawing and creating art from fabrics, clay, and found objects in her immediate world; plaster, copper, lumber and botanical items.  College led her away from art toward law school and successful careers in business, law, accounting and commercial real estate.  When her boys matured into young men pursuing their own life paths, a spark, or perhaps a fire, rekindled a desire to dive back into the joyous world of art.  She

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About My Work:

Mid-century modern meets Georgian traditionalist best describes the influences for my art. As a child, I lived and played within enormous pieces of artwork: mid-century modern homes filled with natural light from walls of glass and open spaces.  Then modern married traditional resulting in my continually evolving style of art.  Although I enjoy all art mediums, I have a soft spot for the creamy texture and fresh, rich colors of oil paint.  Painting is like putting together a puzzle, except the pieces and the end result are part of the puzzle I create. Sometimes the painting takes on a life of its own and the final result even surprises me.

Pricing Information:

Pricing ranges from $65 to $1200 depending upon piece/size.  


Hamilton County Artists’ Association Hoosier Salon Indiana Plein Air Painters American Impressionist Society



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