Skip Freas

As an illustrator, my scope of work could be limitless. When I switched to photography, I suddenly found myself bound by the world around me. Photography, in its simplest form, is capturing the things we see around us to share with others. It is my desire to move beyond the scenes we see every day to create completely new images. To be able once again, to create, rather than just capture. With each passing series, new
avenues arise to explore. I am always open to collaborations, as art is a

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About My Work:

My work is a combination of photography and digital graphics.

Some images are shot on film, some started on film and then were transfered to the digital realm and some were created entirely from scratch.

Pricing Information:

Print sizes vary from $45 to $450 depending on size and framing choices.


I started my art career as a fine-art illustrator selling work locally. After taking dark-room classes
at the Regional Museum of Art in South Bend, Indiana, my focus shifted to photography. I eventually moved away from traditional imaging toward the “virtual darkroom,” which led to the merging of my photography and graphic design.


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