SotR (State of the R)

As SotR, I create art to facilitate people embracing their emotions, rather than fear them. Actually, I believe that emotions can empower you to be who you want to be if you take the time to understand them.


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About My Work:

You will see a range of emotions conveyed through the use of textures, strokes, colors, and mediums in my work, reflecting a bright, edgy, street art sensibility. You will also find various confidently imperfect creatures daring you to be you.

Pricing Information:

Vary based upon size: $5+


BS, Education & MS, Counseling


Collaborations and partnerships with various organizations, such as Hot Topic, You Are Beautiful, No Hate Family, ST!NK Art Angel, Hoosier Buddy Project, Rotating Mural Kids Art Project, Piano Public Art Project, Smiles4Miles, Tin Man Illustrator Series, Street Art Postal Project, various worldwide sticker shows, sticker machines, and street art books.


  • Gallery 1 - SotR (State of the R)
  • Gallery 2 - SotR (State of the R)
  • Gallery 3 - SotR (State of the R)
  • Gallery 4 - SotR (State of the R)
  • You Are Beautiful Angx_SotR


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