Stephanie Beisel

Stephanie Beisel


Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, Stephanie Beisel completed her BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration at Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri and her MFA in Printmaking at Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana. She currently lives in Indianapolis.

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About My Work:

Words cannot express things; Speech does not convey the spirit. Swayed by words, one is lost; Blocked by phrases one is bewildered.


Rhythm is innate to every aspect of existence; it inhales and exhales; it brushes your teeth everyday and causes civilizations to rise and fall; it beats the drum of war and plays the waltz of peace; it changes the seasons as the earth circles the sun; it is the cycle of birth and decay. Although flux and change appear to occur, they are mere players in this constant cosmic repetition.

My process of drawing and cutting is a means of introspection. These repetitive, monastic actions occupy the physical body and allow the mind to wander free from the concerns of daily life. They parallel the inescapable rhythms that govern our lives: from the minute, such as blinking, to larger aspects, the ebb and flow of tides, for instance. Acts of artistic creation become ritualistic when viewed in comparison to the archetypal creation of the universe. Each piece is an artifact of a meditative experience and an ode to the mystery of the universe.