Stephanie Doty

Stephanie Doty Bio:I have been a full time lecturer in Art History at the Herron School of Art and Design since 2006. My interest in the roles and conditions of women in society and in art history has informed and influenced my work as a visual artist as well as developing and instructing a course; Women in Art. I received my MFA in 1994 and my BFA in 1991 from Indiana State University, with an emphasis in Painting and Sculpture. After graduation I remained at ISU as gallery director for the

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About My Work:

My work is inspired by experiences from my own life and deals with issues of everyday life as a woman, wife, mother and daughter. Often times these issues feature mundane domestic found objects, materials or images, which have personal meaning. The objects and materials are loaded with content from a previous history that is also crucial to the content of the work.This series of work deals with the idea of body image in relation to gender differences and how society has impressed upon us the ideals in which we should conform to. This series addresses a variety of “alterations” that we undergo to conform to these ideals.Working with fabric and what traditionally was associated as “woman’s work” such as embroidery, sewing and appliqué, I choose to embrace these techniques to emphasize and pay homage to those women in history who were overlooked in these areas. The sewing patterns that I use reinforce the idea of conformity expected by society, by following the pattern, only I use them to emphasize difference and individuality.I am also interested in the idea of identity and remembering. Many of the “alterations” that we make may be by choice, but may also be for survival, either psychologically or physically. As we age, mature, change into individuals, and lose loved ones, the importance of staying true to oneself remains paramount.


MFA Indiana State University 1994 BFA Indiana State University 1991 AA Art Institute of Atlanta, Atlanta GA 1979


Herron School of Art and Design 2006-Present IMA, Indianapolis Museum of Art, 2006 – PresentI DADA 2010 – Present



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