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Taylor Bamgbose



Taylor Bamgbose is a predominantly self-taught artist  located in Indianapolis and working out of Lost Dog Gallery on Indy’s Near Eastside (1040 E. New York St.) She uses oils and acrylics to create bold, colorful, figurative paintings that help her audience engage with the inner world of their thoughts and emotions. She also collaborates with clients to create custom paintings for personal and professional interiors, including abstract work and select portraiture.

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About My Work:

Art presents us with a unique opportunity to observe and experience ourselves and the reality around us. It conjures feelings that can’t be expressed in words, it illuminates truths that are buried within us, and it reminds us that beauty remains even in the midst of pain, confusion, or the chaos of life.

As an artist and life coach, my passion is helping women notice what’s going on in their bodies and minds so they can respond thoughtfully and intentionally. As I plan and paint, I reflect on the world within me and the world around me. After I’ve meditated on an idea or concept, I use visual imagery to express what I’m noticing so I can invite others into reflection as well. My hope is that my work creates greater awareness of the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that limit and liberate us, and empowers the viewer to experience their life more mindfully.

Pricing Information:

For pricing information and to shop available prints and originals, please visit http://taylorbamgbose.com


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