Temara Payton

“-Heck, even my dreams have dreams.” Temara Payton is an actress, model, and playwright from Indianapolis, Indiana. As a young child her high energy and “inability to shut up” prompted her mother to introduce her to the performing arts. She found her ‘home’ on stage at age 11.


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Payton never dreamed her natural born talent and love of theatre would take her to Ball State University on a Theatre Scholarship. Soon after entering college, she began working professionally at 19, and later earned a B.A in Theatre. Aside from being featured in numerous regional and national TV and print ads, Temara recently co-produced, wrote and directed her first production, Judah Band Prisoners of Praise the filmiscal. This “filmsical” was the combination of a musical, live theatre and a film rolled into one unique experience. Currently, Payton is seeking to add instructor/entrepreneur to her repertoire. She aspires to continue to act and perfect her craft, to write, direct and produce but also to obtain accreditation to instruct acting and performance. She hopes to open a multi-level actor’s studio in the future. Temara currently resides in Indianapolis, with hopes to re-locate to the stars!


B.A in Theatre, Ball State University


Judah Band Prisoners of Praise the filmiscal



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