Terin Dickerson

My love for art began with my first Jackson Pollock-esque finger paintings. Eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches was the best by my first art gallery, the refrigerator. In bad times art comforted me when my parents argued. I used crayons to draw myself as a magician that could make them happy. When my dad left, I drew him coming back home. While grieving, school was overshadowed by my dad’s departure. The only class I still enjoyed was art. There I learned that most artists, too,

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About My Work:

As a young artist I am fascinated with robotic pop culture. My work involves large scale robot paintings, ATTACK! I’m a student who also is in love with the human form and paint portraits too. My portraitures involves naturalistic colors and are done primarily “Alla Prima” or done in one sitting. In my life time I’d like for you to know my name.

Pricing Information:

For my large scale robot paintings I price $1000 and up

Portraits I charge $400- and up


Indiana University Bloomington: Majoring in Arts Management


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