Tom Slack

Whenever we look at anything we are drawn to what glows versus what is flat. The shiny reflections in wet roads, sunlight through flower petals, the highlighted colors that are more easily seen, and the halo on an edge of a silhouette are all examples of “glow.” Rather than concentrate on the actual objects, I create a feeling or atmosphere and then work the representation of the items in afterwards. I have attempted to portray this “glow” in my paintings.



More Info

About My Work:

I am a representational artist, primarily doing cityscapes, landscapes, figurative, still life and portraiture. Most of my work is oil, but I also do various mediums of drawing

Pricing Information:

$450.00 — $10,000.00



Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America, Hoosier Salon, Instructor at Southside Art League



Governor’s Choice Award, displayed at Governor’s mansion; various awards at art competitions


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