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About My Work:

Working on canvas with acrylic, on wood with acrylic and burning, I like to create images that are realistic and some that are expressive, but not always both in one piece.  I enjoy creating small works as well as large.  Particulary interested in medium sized paintings and small Christmas ornamentals.

I am constantly painting life—from leaves to animals to people—very seldom do paint any sort of still-life without having life or movement within it.

One speciality I have is to create digital portrait paintings that transform a snapshot into something else, keeping the subject as the focal point, in a fantasy type reality. Example would be snap shots of a little boy who is in a wheel chair, and painting him playing soccer or soaring through the air on a dragon.  Snapshots of kids struggling with self esteem and portraying them accomplishing what they might think is impossible.  I also create digital portraits of loved ones who have died, in the arms of Jesus or hand-in-hand with other loved ones who have gone on before them.  Sometimes for pets too—lost dog “Sparky” playing frisbie with Jesus, for example.

Pricing Information:

Christmas ornaments for $10.00, digital portraits start at $45.00.  Acrylic and watercolor paintings I charge per hour, if comissioned.  And my rate for those are $12.00 per hour.


Self-taught and constantly educating myself through what ever sources are available to me.


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