Wilbur Montgomery

Wilbur Montgomery


 In 1980, Wilbur opened the Indianapolis-based photo studio, WM Photographic Services, Inc. WM Photo has served local, national and international businesses with both corporate and advertising imagery.



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About My Work:

Throughout my career I have worked in the field of photo-illustration using my photographic imagery as a starting point to produce individual personal interpretations of what I see.

My images are based on the everyday experience.  I am mostly driven by the color and shape of things that catch your attention from the corner of your vision.  Isolating and enhancing the beauty of the mundane.

With the advancement of digital photography, photo editing programs and museum quality archival inkjet printing, I am now able to share some of this work with you.

I hope you enjoy!


Pricing Information:

Prices range from $195 for limited edition prints to $2000 for larger original work.


1967-71 Ball State University – Advertising Art and Photography, Bachelor of Science Degree

1973-75 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, MFA


American Society of Media Photographers



Awarded the William French Traveling Fellowship upon graduation SAIC

SAFCO Insurance Purchase Award


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