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William Denton Ray is an Indianapolis native and has been interested in art since he was five years old. William splits his time as a graphic designer and fine artist. His fine art studio is located in the Harrison Center for the Arts.  William has recently worked with clients such as Adidas, Trader Joe’s and Hoosier Books.  William’s fine art resembles Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss with a touch of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and Stanley Mouse, all of who have had an influence on his work. William is

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About My Work:

My work is Whimsical Funk!

What is Whimsical Funk? Let’s look at the root word Whim –

Whim: a capricious or eccentric and often sudden idea or turn of the mind.

Funk – the word used to describe the result of a combination of Soul, Jazz, and R&B music

Whimsical Funk to say the least is a visual explosion of my imaginary world. I often start a work with no plan or idea in mind. Often scribling a fluid line until I find the subject matter. I often find characters, animals, animals’ anatomy, clouds, words, arrows, code, and symbolism inside these lines. Constantly changing the picture plane by pushing back and forth with color until the composition is revealed. I often work with music on in my studio. The music becomes a major influence in my work as well. The music is my line, the color is my passion and the composition is the message. My works are constantly evolving during the creative process and I as the creator have the ability to change the work on a whim. The end result is artwork that is in the realm of a metaphysical fantasy that alludes to a magical and spiritual source.

Upcoming Events:

Solo exhibition at Gallery 924 at the Arts Council

September 4 – 25, 2015

Opens on IDADA First Friday Art Tour – 6-9pm


Pricing Information:

Price Range – $25 – $10,000


Columbus College of Art & Design – 1992-1994
University of Indianapolis – 1994-1995
Herron School of Art & Design – 1995-1996


Harrison Center Artists Association

IDADA – Indianapolis Downtown artist and Dealers Association



2013 • Cultural Trail Celebration – Community Funk Totem Project

2012 • Featured Artist Ivy tech Columbus – Big art Bang

2011 • “Loves You – You Love” – Arts Council of Indianapolis 46 for XLVI Mural Project

2011 • “LimeLighter” – Selected Artist for Arts Council of Indianapolis Mass Ave LightBox Project

2009 • Stutz Studio Residency Scholarship 08-09

2008 • Primary Colours Allotropy “Best of Show”



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