Yvonne Mansfield

Yvonne Mansfield


My goal as a potter is to create functional, well designed pieces that are inviting to use in everyday life, yet are unique, one-of-a-kind originals that the purchasers will be proud to display in their homes and collections.

I am inspired by pottery from ancient civilizations and I contemplate how the pots fit into the framework of their lives.  I  am especially excited if I can identify fingermarks left by the maker generations ago.

I am proud to continue that craft in this era of mass

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About My Work:

I work in stoneware or porcelain often on a traditional potters kick-wheel, and use multiple glazes and firing techniques that compliment each unique piece.

All glazes are guaranteed free of lead or other toxic materials, and all pieces designed for food service are completely food safe.

Pricing Information:

$25 – $175


8 years ceramics classes at Indianapolis Art Center, extensive hands-on workshops throughout United States, also Italy and England, and various weekend workshops in the US.  BS in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, MBA from Ball State University and 2 years Photography/Fine Arts from Ohio University.


Ann Arbor Guild


Honorable Mention – Crocker Park Fall Fest 2008

Hoosier Salon 85th Annual Exhibition – 2009

Honorable mention – Broadripple Art Fair 2008


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