Zacchaeus Crawford

Zacchaeus Crawford



I am an outgoing, enthusiastic artist. I love people and portraits. I love willow charcoal, working on toned paper and often incorporate pastel. I have a background in culinary arts and also weld. I love any form of creating. I enjoy drawing and engraving, building and experimenting. At the end of the day I am best at portraits, and have over 9 years of experience drawing.



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About My Work:

I strongly favor the feel of willow charcoal as it whispers sussorously across paper. I enjoy the subtle tones achieved and the feel of this classic media in my hand. I use varieties of toned paper and use pastel for highlights.

I am also experienced in soft pastel, color pencil, watercolor, and graphite. I do paint in acrylic and oil as well.

I will often combine effects of colored pencils with that of watercolor and pastel, using water-soluble and wax based versions of these mediums. I love the ability to mix and see how they interact.

I love precision and quality, as judged based on how perfectly an image can be portrayed, and enjoy experimenting with adding interesting lighting effects or color schemes.

My favorite color is Magenta.

Pricing Information:

I will take any creative commission at $65/hour. I judge prices of works based on size, medium and subject matter. How thoroughly a project is planned out also effects the price.


A.S. Culinary Arts

The art Institute of Fort lauderdale, 2006


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