Zachary Lopez

“Energy and raw feeling. Serenity gained from recognition of darker emotions. These are the themes that I draw upon in creating my highly idealized figures. I also demonstrate influence from favorite pop culture or, more often, my own experiences struggling as a non-bohemian, non-traditional young artist, husband, father and professional. As my compositions seek to remind us, we are all on an arduous path of survival.” – Lopez



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About My Work:

Conflicts of identities are reflected in most of Lopez’s works. His works are serene in color and aesthetic appearance; however, the subject or figures of the work pour out expressions of suppressed anger and cynicism. Though each piece has its own specific area of interest, Lopez concentrates on the overall aesthetic in how the work speaks emotionally and nostalgically to the viewer.

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Hoosier Salon; Wheeler Community Art Center Biannual Show; “Positive Acts”, Big Car Gallery; Penrod; BFA Painting, Herron School of Art and Design



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