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Zuimeng Cao

“The goal of art is to enlighten the soul. These paintings are the result of many years of learning and searching. From landscape paintings, ice and snow, to birds and flowers, these paintings can offer you a clear, beyond-the-world feeling, and comfort your soul. ”  – Zuimeng Cao

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About My Work:

Cao Zuimeng is from the Manchurians of the northeast of China. Over the years he has become an expert in Chinese painting, specifically work that depect scenes of the snowy landscapes of northern China. His work reflects the snow, ice, plain fields, wild birds and animals of the region. He is one of the few artists who create work in this style and subject matter. He now lives and works in Indianapolis.


Graduated from the department of Chinese Painting at Harbin Normal University and also received a Masters degree from the Arts Institute at the Communications Institute of China. He began his work in 1981 and became a professor at the Arts Institute and an art theorist.


He has won several awards  at teh Provincial, National and International level. Most recently, he was awarded the Silver “Peace Prize” at the U. S. World Arts Center. His paintings were first exhibited at the National Art Museum of China and then around the country.


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