Arthentic Arts Artist Opportunities Registry

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Arthentic Arts Artist Opportunities Registry



ARThentic Arts (ARTs) is a newly formed non-profit to serve the arts community of Indianapolis with a keen interest in BIPOC and Black LGBTQ Artists. We serve as a facilitator, gatekeeper and innovator for the culture of the arts offering creative exploration and access to the arts for underrepresented artists and communities. The organization seeks to create, innovate, and present full access to the arts in multi-discipline, serving local creatives and emerging artists to offer resources for development, showcase and exhibition, and advance their practices, while providing them exposure to the community at-large.

ARTs serves as an all inclusive creative and collaborative hub, while offering safe haven to BIPOC and BLGBTQ Artists and creatives along the spectrum. Resources in the area of visual arts will be a comprehensive area providing additional focus in the areas of craft making, music, fashion, and more. ARTs is organized exclusively as a public benefit corporation.

Arthentic Arts is currently building its artists registry for upcoming opportunities in multi-disciplinary areas of the arts for professional development & opportunities. Complete the form to be added to the list of artists.

Initiatives for Artists
  • Art Programming

  • Community Exhibits, Showcases, & Events

  • Emerging Artist Development & Training

  • Artists Opportunities & Outreach

  • Studio Space & Resources

  • Charitable Donations

  • Public Projects & Resources

  • Grants/Funding

Artist Registry:

Businesses and organizations seeking artists for contracting opportunities please submit to our registry to upcoming initiatives.

  • Community Organizations and Local Businesses can collaborate for outreach and arts initiatives, charitable donations, events and programming, and sponsorship for all ARTs events and community programming to help serve the arts community.

    • Public Murals & Installations

    • Exhibits & Showcases

    • Programming/ Event

    • Grant/Funding

    • Outreach & Initiatives

    • Sponsorship

    • Donations

    • Venue Hosting (events/showcases)

Business Registry:

Visit for more information. Email and questions to


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