Artist Sought for John Chavis Memorial Park Public Art & Interpretation

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Artist Sought for John Chavis Memorial Park Public Art & Interpretation



The City of Raleigh invites artists or artist teams experienced with the integration of art elements into a community space to submit qualifications to work as a public art consulting member of the project design team for the design and implementation of renovations to John Chavis Memorial Park. A place of pride and profound remembrance, the park celebrates the life and work of educator John Chavis and recognizes the park’s history to the African American community during and following segregation.

The artist or artist team will collaborate closely with the design team to develop integrated art elements that emphasize a goal of honoring the park’s rich cultural history. The artist or artist team should be able to demonstrate experience comprehending master plans and developing concepts that holistically integrate public art that may help guide a visitor’s experience and access to this unique park. The ability to collaborate with community input and work well with the design team throughout the design process is imperative to the success of the project. Artists from Raleigh as well as North Carolina are strongly encouraged to apply.

There are multiple phases for Chavis Park’s renovation. The selected artist or artist team will begin consulting work as a part of Phase I of the renovation project, with the potential for public art concepts to be integrated as a part of multiple phases of the renovation. Phase I will include working with the design team to develop and finalize concept designs and budget for the public art’s integration into the design team’s schematic design. Pending final approval by the Public Art and Design Board of the public art concept designs, the artist or artist team will then work with the design team to determine what components will be fabricated and installed by the artist or the construction contractor. The artist or artist team will be under a separate, subsequent contract for elements fabricated and installed by the artist or artist team.

Artists must be United States citizens or permanent residents. Up to three finalists will be selected for interviews and paid a $1,000 stipend.  One artist/team will be selected to to collaborate with the project design team and develop conceptual designs and related budget. A design fee of $20,000 for the Phase I work is inclusive of expenses including travel, hotel, transportation, mileage, etc.

Possible Public Art Goals and Opportunities:

Public art in the John Chavis Memorial Park could involve a historic site interpretation of the cultural landscape, including the “separate but equal” origins of the park as an African American civic space. There is also potential for the public art to coordinate with the community-based initiatives and historical research represented in the South Park Heritage Walk.

Key to the successful integration of public art into Chavis Park is the desire to address how community members will engage with the multiple historic, cultural and social stories that emanate from the park’s rich legacy. The art will ideally contribute to celebrating a historic landscape that requires creative and respectful storytelling.

Project Timeline:

  • RFQ Application Deadline: May 13, 2016
  • Finalists Notified: June 2016
  • Finalists Interviewed: June 2016
  • Project Awarded: July 2016
  • Chavis Park Phase I Opens: Summer 2018

Download the full RFQ for additional information and complete submission instructions.



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