Artist Sought for Rise on Meridian Public Art Commission

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Artist Sought for Rise on Meridian Public Art Commission




Developer TWG seeks an artist to create public art for Rise on Meridian, a new mixed-use project currently under construction at 915 S. Meridian St. The intended artwork will be placed outdoors in an open landscape area facing S. Meridian St. Another possibility is to create a sculptural artwork that also functions as a fence for the planned dog park. This project is part of the City of Indianapolis’ Public Art for Neighborhoods program, and the artwork will reflect the history and diversity of its Southside neighborhood.

ELIGIBILITY:  Artists over 18 living in Marion or its 7 surrounding counties. Preferred qualifications include artists who have previously created large-scale public art and who have experience working in a community process.

BUDGET: $86,600 (all-inclusive)

DEADLINE:  Apply by May 26, 2023

PROJECT COMPLETION:  on or before June 1, 2024

See attached complete RFQ document with site plans and images.

The artwork is intended to be long-lasting, easily maintained, and inspire additional public art in the immediate area of S. Meridian St.

Selection Process
Once the qualifications materials are received from interested artists, TWG will review the applications and make recommendations. TWG will notify the selected artist and conduct a mandatory workshop to inform them about issues relating to the program. The artist will then develop a
specific proposal based on interaction with TWG and discussions with the community.

Selection Criteria

TWG will select artists based upon the following criteria:

  • Work of the highest caliber and effective execution
  • Experience working within program guidelines
  • Ability to complete work within a specified timeframe
  • Record of projects with visual impact on pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Appropriateness of content (should be appropriate for all audiences)

What to Provide

  • Applicant Information: Name of artist, name(s) of any partner(s), contact address, contact email, contact phone #, social media handles/info
  • Professional Bio, Resume or CV: No longer than 3 pages
  • Work Samples: Provide up to 10 images of past work that best represent your experience, style, and ability as it relates to this project. In addition, you may also submit images of any other work (large scale or otherwise) that best represents your work over the past 5 years.
    • Name your digital files according to the following format: FirstLast_01.jpg, FirstLast_02.jpg, etc. and include a list of the work samples with as much information about each of the samples as possible (include name/title of piece, location, medium, process, dimensions, year completed, cost/price/commission amount, and any other pertinent information).

How to Apply

Send your materials no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 26, 2023 to BOTH of the following emails:

In the event your materials are too large in file size to send via email, please email the above addresses with a sharing site link to the materials location (e.g., to a Google Drive folder, a Dropbox folder, a WeTransfer link, etc.).

QUESTIONS? Contact Chase Smith, VP, Market Rate Development at TWG, or 317‐264‐1833



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